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Betweentimes: Famine & Feast

The final vignette in the Betweentimes series is “Famine & Feast”. Bad Rain has blighted the land and food on the table is scarce. How will the residents of Cliff House sustain themselves until relief comes—if it comes at all?

Betweentimes are slices-of-life about tossed things, lost things, and making the best of bad situations as our survivors navigate the new world order following the events of Afterlands: After the Harrowing. Stories are presented on this website, always free to download.

If you are new to Afterlands, it might help to familiarize yourself with the characters and events of the previous stories first.

3.5k words. Click format to read now:

[Betweentimes vignettes may contain material sensitive in nature. This story contains straight-up cannibalism.]