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Where are the Afterlands?

Afterlands is definitely a place. The mostly-forgotten histories say it’s across the Endless Ocean to the west but no one has tried to find it because it’s said to be the Land of the Harrowers, a world even worse off than the Continent, at the center of which is a volcano that spews four-hundred-foot flames.

But the mostly-forgotten histories are mostly forgotten, and therefore questionable at best, volcanoes are just a bedtime horror-story, and everyone knows the Land of the Harrowers was destroyed seventeen generations ago (which is why they came to the Continent in the first place).

Yet somehow it calls, it exists. And maybe–just maybe–it’s a place dreamed of and hoped for, beyond the desolation, where tired heroes can at long last find their peace. But for now, our heroes are stuck in a dying land destroyed by a lost war.